Good Morning World – Did You Go To Aviation Fun Day?

Hello Everyone,

So I just wanted to let everyone know I’m not dead…

Needles to say it has been a busy few weeks with work and family and school.  I tell you that there is always something to do!

So this past weekend was the Aviation Fun Day at the Waterloo Airport and I must say it was spectacular!  For anybody who did not go this year no worries but we hope to see you our next year.

My job, well jobs, at the event were making Airplanes with the kids (and making sure they did not get flow toward the slightly larger “real” planes).  The second item of business on my plat for the day was “Harvards Security”.  Yep that’s right,  I was protecting the WWII trainer aircraft from the mobs of amazing visitors.  Sadly I was so busy securing I didn’t get to take a closer look.

But now to the thing you actually want to know.  Did I take pictures?  Heck Ya!


So without further rambling here we are….

Sorry Folks
Due To Hosting Limitations Older Photos Have Been Removed :O


I would just like to say thank you to everyone who make this possible.  And an extra thanks to Maureen the event coordinator at WWFC, she always does an amazing job.

For anyone who is able, BBBS of Waterloo are in need of more Big Brothers but will also welcome anyone willing to be a Big Sister too!

Check them out HERE

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