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Women in Aviation | Bigger and Better Servers!

Hello everyone, Been a long time but just wanted to update you on a few items that are coming up. First and foremost is Women in Aviation week is back!  The events started yesterday and will continue through the week.  Be sure to stop by the Women In aviation talk show tomorrow and if you […]

Good Morning World – Did You Go To Aviation Fun Day?

Hello Everyone, So I just wanted to let everyone know I’m not dead… Needles to say it has been a busy few weeks with work and family and school.  I tell you that there is always something to do! So this past weekend was the Aviation Fun Day at the Waterloo Airport and I must […]

Young Eagles Flight – This Saturday!

Hi All, Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has volunteered to this amazing event.  With everyone’s help this is bound to be a great time! I will be one of the photographers that day and will be sure to post some photos here once the event is over. On a side note the date has […]

Young Eagles Flight – Looking For Photographers

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a great time at the Air Show last weekend.  Sadly I could not make it due to working some extra shifts.  But it will all work out for the best in the end. So what I am hear to tell you about and maybe get some volunteers out of the deal is the COPA Young Eagles […]